A Partner in Growth for your Dental Practice


Through Jameson Dental Coaching, you and your team will engage in proven, successful systems and coaching to help you become more productive, more profitable, and ultimately more fulfilled in your career.


What do you picture when you think of your dream practice and life? If you were to design your ideal life, what would that look like for your practice, yourself, your team members, and your family? Would you have more time with your family? A greater sense of peace? Time and resources to take the vacations that you deserve? Do you picture larger production goals and greater teamwork?


At Jameson, we’ve perfected the systems needed to create practice success along with work-life balance. Like teeth, no two practices are the same. With decades of experience in adapting these systems to fit each practice we work with,  we work alongside you for smooth transitions to systems that will result in a thriving practice. This process starts with understanding your pain points and practice, learning what your vision is and where you want to go, and developing a customized roadmap for you to get there. 



Jameson Practice Builder is the most comprehensive coaching product we have, with the highest return on investment.


Each Jameson Dental Coaching Practice Builder includes:

In Office Coaching Sessions

A Jameson advisor will come into your office and work on your goals and systems with you and your team. The number of in-office days per year will be decided by you.

Access to The Whole Team of Experts

As a Practice Builder client of Jameson, you'll have access to all of the experience on the Jameson Team. With more than 100 years of experience and a broad variety of backgrounds, you'll find our experience invaluable in the growth of your practice.

Advisor Travel and Costs Included

All of your Jameson advisor's travel costs and other expenses are included in the cost of your Practice Builder.

Monthly Virtual Coaching Sessions

Your Jameson advisor will complete a virtual coaching session each month that an in-person session is not scheduled.

Reasonable Email and Phone Support

For the questions that come up between coaching sessions, you'll be able to connect with your Jameson advisor via phone or email.

Jameson Educational Products

You will receive a hand-selected library of Jameson books, audio resources, workbooks, and other tools as part of your Practice Builder.

Jameson Leadership Summit

Tuition to Jameson's Leadership Summit is included in the cost of your Practice Builder program.

Monthly Key Metrics Analysis

Your Jameson advisor will review your key practice metrics and your progress towards your goals for your practice.

Jameson Educational Webinars

Jameson features regular educational webinars for our clients focused on key trends, systems, and tools for the growth of you and your practice.

Marketing Evaluation and Action Plan

You will receive a complimentary consultation with our marketing team to review your current marketing effectiveness along with a marketing recommendation/action plan.


Get the most out of your investment with a Jameson Practice Builder Program.

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Virtual Coaching

Connect one on one with a dedicated dental coaching team member via video call. 

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching is a great way to stay in touch between in-person visits. It is included in our Practice Builder plan but it can also be used as a standalone coaching plan. 

Practice Builder

This is the best program for long term coaching support. It's also the best overall value. 

Practice Builder

The Practice Builder program is built to maximize the value of ongoing coaching. It is a blend of virtual and on-site support and comes in several different flexible packages. It also includes more in-depth reporting for monthly analysis of how you are doing in reaching your long-term goals.

Propel Days

Get targeted on-site training and support for a specific need in your practice.

Propel Day

A Propel Day can provide targeted support and training for one specific area of need. It pairs well with virtual coaching for a more Ad-Hoc or On-Demand approach to coaching support. Propel Days are on-site days and can be focused on whatever you need.

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